Auto Mechanics Technology Department

Auto Mechanics Technology Course is a major course that provides basic practical training on the repair, installation and maintenance of various vehicle components and engines. The main subjects of Auto Mechanics Technology Corse are:

1.Pertrol & Diesel Engine

  • Petrol & Diesel Engine is an engineering subject that teaches practically the basics of engine components, disassembly, installation and operation of the engine.

2.Auto Electricity & Chassis

  • Auto Electricity & Chassis is an engineering subject that teaches a car’s steering system, Ignition system, Starting system, Differential, Suspension and etc……

3.Engineering Drawing

  • Engineering Drawing is a engineering subject that teaches how to view the inside and outside of a machine with 3D view (front view, side view, top view) and to draw precise dimensions and scales using drawing tools.

If you take this course seriously and systematically learn practical skill, you will get many benefits and many job opportunities.

Course Duration

      The course duration is two years for the regular courses.

1Daw Htet Htet LwinAuto Mechanics Technology Lecture, Head of Department
2Daw Khin Sandar LwinAuto Mechanics TechnologyTutor